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Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

Skrevet af Mads Løntoft
2. udgave 2023
ISBN: 978-87-90328-71-9
128 sider
The aim of this compendium is to help you understand and master the core parts of Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis. This is achieved by combining theory with a great number of useful examples that reflect typical exam questions and is communicated in a clear and no-fluff manner. The topics covered include:

- Double-entry bookkeeping
- Accrual accounting
- Financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity and Statement   of Cash Flows)
- Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold
- Depreciation
- Internal Controls and Bank Reconciliations
- Accounts Receivable and Bad Debt
- Shares and Dividends
- Capital Budgeting (Investment Analysis)
- Leases
- Bonds
- Financial Statement Analysis

The compendium is tailored for undergraduate programs taught in English, such as B.Sc. International Business, B.Sc International Business and politics, BLC, Service Management, Shipping, and other programs with a similar curriculum.

The compendium is published by ASPIRI A/S, who has been the leading provider of brush-up exam courses and compendiums since 1993. Our courses have helped more than 450.000 participants securely though their exams on most bachelor and master level university degrees in Denmark. 
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