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Financial Accounting

We have been notified of the following exam date:
Financial Accounting (In English) - Ready for the Final Exam (14-10-2020)
Financial Accounting (In English) - 3 hour intro course
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Dato Tidspunkt
30-09-2020 17:00-20:00
KP – Campus Sigurdsgade
Underviser Mads Løntoft
Desværre udsolgt
Financial Accounting (In English) - Ready for the Final Exam
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Online course: 
You get access to the full course content including the material belonging to the specific course and the video platform as soon as the course is published, at least 2 weeks before the examination. You will have access to the course material until the re-examination has been held. The course includes the most relevant parts of the curriculum, concerning the examination. Please see the course description for more information.<...