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Corporate Finance

We have been notified of the following examdates:
Corporate Finance - Ready for the written exam - In English
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Online course: 
You get access to the full course content including the material belonging to the specific course and the video platform as soon as the course is published, at least 2 weeks before the examination. You will have access to the course material until the re-examination has been held. The course includes (just like the attendance course) the most relevant parts of the curriculum, concerning the examination. Please see the course descr...
Underviser Kim Rants
Attendance course:
The attendance courses are carried out with certain measures in place. This includes such as hand and surface sanitation, increased distance, a limit of participants etc. Because of the distance requirements the attendance courses are held with 50% of the normal capacity, which is why the course presumably will be sold out extraordinarily fast this year. Please see the course description for more information.
Dato Tidspunkt
20-03-2021 09:00-16:30
21-03-2021 09:00-16:30
KP – Campus Sigurdsgade
Underviser Kim Rants